Render Laboratory

Render Laboratory

5 December 2009

English Working progress forum area where you can see Rendering Laboratory SUBforum. See the follow link here:

The follow test is composed by 3 STEPS: 

1- Illumination of the same scene without materials.
2- Texturing the scene based on textures that you can find into our pack. Download it here (direct zipped file):

3- Give your personal touch to the scene without changing the illumination. Insert objects, vegetation, background, more texture and much more.


1) NO CONTEST HERE, nobody will win anything and there is not awards or prices to win. This is only a Virtual Lab, you can try when you have time left without thinking about a dead line. This Lab is born only to learn new lighting techniques and to share experience, not to show the best.

2) The scene, textures and camera are the same for all users for the first two steps based on three steps . You can only edit lighting parameters or textures attributes and render settings as well.

3) When you finish the first two steps, you can send the model with your personal settings without textures. Two rendering, first neutral without tex and the second with textures and materials, please include a short description of your test. Send all to (write into english language too). All your work will be added asap into forum topic for all users community, ready for comments and critiques.

4) Give to users all informations about the test. (Who will post into the topic images about his works have to give all tips about how reached the results using the TEXT preset for all rendering engine). This For anyone who want to partecipate to the Virtual Lab.

5) It will be possible to edit totally or partially other users scenes. Respect all previous rule points.

6) You must use settings preset form text for posting your settings. (all missing settings text will be accepted as scene default) If we'll find posts without this kind of rule will be removed.

7) You must accept all previous rule points.