RulerTools plugin available!

RulerTools plugin available!

14 April 2010

Take a look at this great features and don't miss to get it on our shopping area where you can watch the workflow quicktime movie:

Horizontal/Vertical Rulers

Rulers are an essential part for the generation and orientation of helplines. Helplines are created intuitively by dragging them out of the rulers.

Horizontal, Vertical and Angular Help lines

You cannot only generate horizontal and vertical helplines, you can also rotate any of them and create angular help lines for extented flexibility.


The RulerTool allows you to snap objects, points (Polygons and Splines), polygons, edges and spline tangents to help lines and intersections of help lines.

Snapping Preview 
All RulerTool operations have a snapping preview for improved handling of snap operations. The snaping distance can be set arbitrarily.

Interactive handling of the most general functions such as creating, deleting, rotating, moving and deactivating of help lines offers fast editing control.

Lines Manager

Lines are conveniently managed in a lines tree view list. Numerical editing of line properties such as position and rotation angle for full control.

Multiple Selection and Folders 
Multiselection of lines and folders allow for better overview of your help lines.


All lines can be locked from any further modification.

Linear Array

The linear array operation allows you to quickly generate multiple help lines with a single click.

Per document storage

Help lines are stored per document.

Per View Handling

Help lines are furthermore displayed and handled for each individual view.

Spline Conversion

Help lines can be converted to splines from any view. This allows you to use help lines also with Cinema 4D's own snapping tools or to work with the splines.

Quick Button

Rulers, Help lines and Safe frames can be de-/activated individually with a single button.

Safe frames 
Cinema 4D users know the safe frames option in the perspective view. RulerTools also offers you safe frames inside of the orthogonal views!

Colors and dimensions of elements are fully user-definable via the RulerSettings dialog.

Help lines
Merging Help lines can be loaded and merged from other scene files.