Save 50% with MAXON

Save 50% with MAXON

20 June 2010

Our three most popular software packages - the Broadcast Edition for motion graphics, the Architecture Edition for visualization, and the Studio Bundle for 3D professionals - are available all summer at great savings!

When purchased together with the MAXON Service Agreement (MSA) you save 50% compared to the list price*. With the MAXON Service Agreement you receive preferred support, all updates and upgrades at no charge for the life of the contract, and other advantages.

* Included in the MAXON Summer Special pricing is the fee for the first year of the MAXON Service Agreement. Minimum duration of the MSA is one year. In some territories, the MSA contract will automatically renew if not terminated in due time.

If you purchase one of our three CINEMA 4D bestseller software packages without he MSA you will still save 30% compared to the list price with our MAXON Summer Special.

Contact your local distributor for informations.