Second part C4Dzone Contest

Second part C4Dzone Contest

10 November 2009


In this way the winner sketches will become live! Attached into the news you can find the Sketch reference or into our Forum area. Modelling, texturing and rendering is required and you can use Cinema4D with or without modules. The models must be sent to C4Dzone staff into c4d format (.c4d) for using it on C4Dzone header.


1)Subscription: Insert a forum post into right section with title: Subscription: user name, if you like you can insert ideas, WIP and more.

2) Deadline: 2009 Dicember 20. When you are ready to post the final image insert a post into right section with title: Final Rendering: user name

3) C4Dzone staff will choose the best image and models based on the first part of the contest sketch. Best modeling and rendering will winner the header place into C4Dzone.

4) The winner must give the original models and all textures to C4Dzone staff to edit it to according C4Dzone style graphic.

Winner will recive:

- 1 Models4D package for Cinema4D, interiors and other stuff
- All PDF chapter of the first PDF Cinema4D book. (All chapter will be available soon)