Short-term licenses for C4D

Short-term licenses for C4D

8 March 2016

MAXON, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of short-term licenses for its flagship software application, Cinema 4D Studio. These licenses are valid for three or six months and are available as single workstation or floating multi-licenses. Plugins that require the use of serial numbers can also be used with the short-term licenses.

Perpetual licenses for Cinema 4D Studio and all other packages, Visualize, Broadcast and Prime, as well as BodyPaint 3D will continue to be available.

As MAXON CFO and co-founder Uwe Bärtels reported in the company blog in January: “MAXON continues to believe strongly that perpetual licenses offer owners of these licenses a high degree of security and peace of mind. However, we also understand that offering subscription models for software make it easier for both individual users and large companies to quickly adapt their license requirements to their individual production needs.”

Short-term licenses for Cinema 4D Studio are available as download only and can be purchased at any authorized reseller or directly from MAXON or its branch offices. A three-month subscription is available for 500 €/$600 US/385 £ (plus applicable sales tax) and the six-month subscription for 950 €/$1100 US/730 £ (plus applicable sales tax).

These licenses can also be extended for three or six months.

More information about short-term licenses, including an extensive list of FAQs, can be found at