Spline Wrapper 2.0 upgrade

Spline Wrapper 2.0 upgrade

20 April 2014


C4Dzone updates for free one of its most popular plugin dedicated to the world of motion graphics: the Spline Wrapper!

By maintaining 100% backward compatibility with release 1.0, within this new release of the plugin we developed a new parametric object called splinewrapper2 that will allow you to wrap your objects in real time and animate all the wrapping properties.

Animate your object and splinewrapper2 will follow it and will wrap it automatically.

The plugin works with all editions of Cinema 4D R13/14/15 (Prime, Broadcast, Visualize, Studio) and with all cinema 4D compatible engine renderers (V-Ray etc).

If you want to see in action the plugin take a seat and watch the video demo!

The update of the plugin is free for all owners of the previous version.

Upgrade Note:

1) Make a backup of the folder splinewrapper that contains the old version of the plugin.
2) Delete it from Cinema 4D plugin folder.
3) Download the new zip package from your order detail form and install the new version (Do not take care about the version number displayed on the link label, when you download the zip you will always get the last version available).
4) This version has changed the activation code so you will have to generate a new key from your order detail form, of course we have reset all your old codes.

Read the pdf "install and activate" for more information.

Cinema4D and system requirements:
-Cinema4D Version 13/14/15
-OSX Snow Leopard or greater
-Windows 7 32/64 bit or greater

Spline Wrapper is available at our plugin section store at price of 12,00 euro + VAT

The plugin is developed by Matteo Porchedda from C4Dzone Staff.