Spline Wrapper 3.0 update

Spline Wrapper 3.0 update

30 October 2014

We have just updated the Spline Wrapper in order to let you simulate winding coils.

Thanks to the new feature extra point you can extend the beginning or the end of the spline and by animating the spline wrapper and sweep properties you will obtain winding coils effects which are very difficult to animate without the plugin.

Enjoy your vision

Upgrade to release 3.0 note:
1) This new release can work side by side with the previous version of the plugin in order to open your old scenes but the previous release will be not supported anymore.
2) Do not generate new activation code, use your previous code.

How to upgrade the plugin:
Download the latest release from our store within your order detail form (do not take care about the release number, you will always obtain the latest release)

The update is free for all previous customers

Read the pdf "install and activate" for more information.