The Power of “3 Lights”

The Power of “3 Lights”

18 November 2011

The Power of “3 Lights”

Finally i found some time to do another tutorial for you all. I know that lighting is always a hard task. Today it’s easy to light a scene. Buy a Preset, turn GI on and you’re set. But it’s the craft and not the tool that gives your images the personality and look you want. Presets are fantastic and i use them a lot more often than i should (I’m so lazy :) ). Anyhow, i think by learning the techniques from painters, photographers and filmmakers, will make you a better CG/C4D Artist (worked for me).

In 2001 a book changed the way i lit my scenes. How I thought about CG. I learned so much from this book that i can’t stress it enough to recommend it to you out there. It’s Jeremy Birn’s “Lighting and Rendering”, don’t have it yet ? Why are you still reading this…. Go buy it :) Amazon Link

So this tutorial is the first of a series of useful lighting tips & tricks in C4D. There are tons of fantastic lighting tut’s so don’t expect me to do another one. I’ll try to show you what i learned in the past 10 yeas and wrap it up in a series of tutorials.

Have fun everyone. If you like it, simply leave a comment on the Vimeo page or Twitter it to your friends :)

Tutorial 1 - Three-Point-Lighting with C4D’s “Light-Tool”

David Drayton