TuileGenerator 2.0

TuileGenerator 2.0

21 May 2012

TuileGenerator 2.0
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We are pleased to present the brand-new update of TuileGenerator to version 2.0 with great innovations.
Matteo Porchedda, the developer of the plugin and the member of C4Dzone Team, has been working hard these days, collecting hundreds of feedback from customers to give you a more powerful version, here are the innovations:

- UV Support for the tiles

With UV support the default tiles have been modified and in any case if you want to create your tile now you can work with the UV screening on the tile, to prepare a texture Ad-Hoc and then apply it to the entire mantle. TuileGenerator will automatically apply the same texture to all the tiles.

- Randomized Patterns

With our special algorithm you can create randomized patterns of antique tiles with different textures. Using a drop-down menu TuileGenerator will be able to prepare the TAG SELECTION to randomize your tiles.

- Speedup

Matteo has improved the algorithm for generating of roof tiles and now TuileGenerator on complex roofs is even faster, we made the most of Cinema4D.

- User's Manual

The manual in PDF has been added with an explanation of all commands of TuileGenerator and some Tips in PDF included in the documentation folder provided with the plugin.

How to update:

To update the TuileGenerator, return to your order form and download the plugin again, the download will begin with the new version 2.0 (don't worry if you see 1.0 on order history). Inside the downloaded folder you will find the documentation explaining how to update. The number of downloads in your forms was reset to zero.

We want to focus and thank Matteo for his exceptional skill and professionalism, which led TuileGenerator to be a perfect and very useful plugin. In very short time after his arrival in our staff he has already made phenomenal things and especially in this short time, Matteo managed to analyse in depth the development kit of Cinema4D leading him to become the software architect of Cinema4D ever seen!
Get ready, the C4Dzone in the person of Matteo, alias Mad Hatter, is preparing other great plugins ever seen!

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