VIEW Conference october 2012

VIEW Conference october 2012

9 February 2012

Dear Friends,

Great success for the VIEW guests!! Enrico Casarosa’s La Luna (Disney/Pixar), premiered during VIEWFest last October, and A Morning Stroll, (by Grant Orchard, Studio AKA), one of the winners of the VIEW AWARD 2011, have been nominated for Best Animated Short Film in the 84th Academy Awards.

Transformers: Dark side of the Moon and Real Steel, which were presented during the last edition of VIEW Conference by their visual effects supervisors, respectively ILM's Scott Farrar and Digital Domain's Erik Nash, have been nominated for Best Visual Effects. Rango, screened during VIEWFest, has been nominated for Best Animated Feature Film.

But it does not stop here, Wayne Stables from Wetadigital, who delivered a presentation about the visual effects of the Adventures of Tintin during VIEW Conference 2011, was nominated for BAFTA.
Thank you for the amazing work and best of luck to you all!!

New this year is our brand new VIEW Social Contest, whose focal point is social themes and has a prize of 1000 euros and a deadline of June 30th, 2012. For more information visit our website: 

Maria Elena Gutierrez
VIEW Conference and VIEWFest director