Vray for C4D 1.2 Available

Vray for C4D 1.2 Available

29 January 2010

The development team managed to incorporated many users wishes & extra features and in addition also adapted to the very newest VRAY render core from Chaosgroup.

The new 1.2 vray bridge is available from today on the C4Dzone Shopping Area. It is the only VRAY version that is also available on OSX.
It is optimized to complement the new MAXON Cinema4d v11 Version and runs in full 64bit on OSX and Windows.

If you are already a 1.1 release costumer you can find updates directly to the vrayforc4d official site.

Here you can find all features and bug fix:


Improved Save and Load GI Preset and GI cache options in GI tab
New improved Render Settings table layouts look
Default lights option expanded in Global options
Improved VrmeshExporter with ability to control delete or not vrmesh files
Improved Override material use in Global options, allows now use Override materials with exluded from it Vray Materials (glass for example), changes can be made in Material Layers - Basic options.

New Features

Added Ambient Occlusion option in GI tab, it effects all object in scene.
Added Linear workflow option in Color mapping for full automatic LWF solution, check it and set gamma value in Gamma option.
Added Use Camera Path in Irradiance map and Light cache tabs for better, no flickering, animation.
Added Vray Fast SSS2 Material for fast SSS.
Added New Sun and Sky system in Sun light options.
Added Fast Correction of Sky system in Sun light options.
Added Additive Mode in Material Weight Layer
Added MtlID color for Material ID option in Material Layers - Basic options.
Added Trace Depth option in Reflection Layer, Specular Layer, Refraction Layer.
Added 2D Mapping and 3D Mapping types of Displacement in Vray Displace Material
Added Water level options in Vray Displace Material
Added Vector Displacement options in Vray Displace Material
Added Mesh Light options in Area light, that gives ability to use polygonal meshes like lights
Added Simple portal light options in Area light
Added Use Texture options in Light Rectangle of Area light
Added SSS Layer in Vray Materials Layers
Added Lens Distortion type in Vray Physical Camera and also ability to use file specification for Lens Distortion
Added Vertical shift and Horizontal shift in Vray Physical Camera
Added new VrayProxy Object to work with VrmeshExporter Tag