Vray Lighting Essential

Vray Lighting Essential

24 April 2013

VLE is distinguished from other traditional lighting systems as they do not provide a simple scene with lights preset base to enrich, but provides eight different settings that can be changed with the interface provided to recreate every possible type of scene, plus two style animations film, as well as 12 original HDRI images for lighting scenes.

The scenes are:

Absolute withe: Perfect for designers, interior architect, provides a perfect lighting for small and medium objects.

Reflection: a scene elegant perfect for toddlers and small items.

Sexy: Study for still life and objects. (Available for free download from C4Dzone Download > models)

Hard Light: A scene with a system for adjusting the DOF particularly sophisticated and accurate.

Sci-Fi: designed for lovers of Gaming, a scene as insane as useful Reveals logo.

Real Studio: a real studio to create still life and really realistic animations.

Motion Graphic: 3d titles created to implement and broadcast graphics.

Car Lighting: A real studio with a perfect HDRI lighting, which provides the ability to create real images and composit in a 2d image in just one click.

Logo Reveal 01: an animation of great impact to show off your logo, object, or text.

Logo reveal 02: A scene scifi really impressive, that captures and excites.

In short Vray Lighting Essential is a tool developed as a time saver for all those who have the need to render the highest quality. Everything has been created with a view to rendering time managing to get settings that provide perfect images in reasonable time. You will find benchmarks on the official website.


All the scenes provide a good 4 levels of rendering:

Draft: for fast preview of your work,
HIGH RES: perfect for still life
HI Animation: Rendering animations for FLICKER FREE!
HI Animation Phys. Corrected: Rendering animations for high quality FLICKER FREE!

For more informations go to: www.renderking.it

The Sexy Scene is available for free from C4Dzone site by visit download > models