VrayforC4D updated for r12

VrayforC4D updated for r12

11 December 2010

Vray For C4D Available.
Update compatibility with Cinema4D r12

VrayforC4D site official note:as usual do not change vray versions in middle of an project. users who have the beta v12 key can use this also for this full v12 version.
make sure to remove all old parts of the software (keep the keyfile), and please read the included installation pdf file.

we also added new presets and all reported beta issues have been fixed. thanks for the feedback to all!

we are back on 5.1.2011 for support. the official release will be then. if you are unsure wait until then please. as many ask to be able to play with it and test it over the holidays, we post here already the install files in advance. we hope you enjoy or latest release, free again to all our users!

Please don't forget to visit: http://forum.vrayforc4d.com/forumdisplay.php?f=38

we start full support for it after official release start of January after holidays.
we wish you all a good start into new year 2011!