Windows Generator Plugin

Windows Generator Plugin

5 November 2009

Placing windows in your scenes becomes a matter of seconds, and with the multitude of settings and the flexible detail system, you are able to create a wide variety of different window styles. It also features it's own PresetBrowser that comes with a variety of stock presets and detail objects, and which will allow you to save and re-use your own window creations.

introductory price for November: 79,90€
You can buy it directly into our shopping zone in next weeks.

Win 32Bit: C4D R9.6 or better
Win 64Bit: C4D R9.6 or better
Mac 32Bit: C4D R9.6 or better
Mac 64Bit: C4D R11 or better

Here is the link directly to developer site:


Start to download file: Promo (Direct QuickTime movie) ( size: 9.475,21 Kb )
Start to download file: Alignment and Snap (Direct QuickTime movie) ( size: 2.592,40 Kb )
Start to download file: WorkFlow (Direct QuickTime movie) ( size: 4.520,70 Kb )