Houdini 17 Simulation framework

Houdini 17 Simulation framework

22 October 2018

One of the most exciting features that Houdini 17 introduces is Vellum: A new simulation framework based on XPBD. (Extended Postion Based Dynamics – In essence grains on steroids.) That means stable and fast simulation of (almost) everything softbody: Cloth, Wires and well – softbodies. In this quickstart series we’ll take you through the bare basics of how to get started using Vellum.

Congratulations to everyone at SideFX and thanks a lot for creating this / these awesome tools!
Without further ado here are the tutorials:

PART 1/5:

PART 2/5:

PART 3/5:

PART 4/5:

PART 5/5:

Download the project files here: Download Project File (.hip)