Material in Octane C4D

9 November 2018

This video is a complete and very in-depth review of the Octane Metallic Material.
We will learn everything there is to know about the Metallic Material, including reflection index modes, Specular Map, IOR Mode, and much more.

Refractive Index Website:

Key things to remember after you have finished this video.

#1 Lite is made up of wavelengths, 650mn is Red, 550nm is Green, and 450nm is Blue. The same colors can also be shown in another value called µm. To save you time converting nm to µm, here are the RGB colors values in µm.
.65µm Red, .55µm Green, .45µm Blue.

#2 Under the IOR Mode, the left slider is the N (Refractive Index) slider, and the right one is the K (Extinction coefficient) Slider.

#3 Specular map must be turned down for the Diffuse channel or Sheen Layer to show up.

Note: There are a series of 100% physically accurate Metallic Materials that you can download for free if you're a member of the "Octane Master Course" or you can buy them from this link.