Obj Seq Importer + Blender Fluid

Obj Seq Importer + Blender Fluid

4 February 2013

In this new video blog chapter we will talk about integration of Blender Fluid Dynamics within Cinema 4D environment.

In this video we will show you a scene modeled exclusively with Cinema 4D and we will teach you how to export the scene file for blender and animate it without any effort and special knowledge of Blender Ide.

As you may note once you learn the main fluid component of blender, setting a few parameters will be a piece of cake.

Finally thanks to our plugin ObjSequenceImporter you will import the animated blender scene within Cinema 4D.

The plugin also has got some special features that help you to set

1) Animation Frame Start
2) Play animation in reverse mode
3) Scaling Obj Import
4) Flip X Y Z import axes

Enjoy your vision

Plugin Notes:

The plugin works with all Cinema R13/R14 editions (Prime, Broadcast, Visualize, Studio) and with all Cinema 4D compatible render engines (V-Ray etc)

The plugin was developed in order to use it in conjuction with Blender so it has got the following obj sequence import limitations :

1) it supports only one polygon object for a single file
2) it imports only vertices and triangular faces (NO NGONS)
3) it doesn't import other information like UVW map, materials etc. etc.