Volumetric Effects in C4D

Volumetric Effects in C4D

19 November 2018

Creating Clouds, Fog and Nebulae in 3D Digital Art

Volumetric effects such as clouds, fog, nebulae or fire-like structures are a common task in the daily work of a 3D artist. Technical approaches for Cinema 4D* normally are done with fluid- or particle-simulations with contemporary third-party plugins such as Turbulence FD* or X-Particles*. Additionally, Cinema 4D still hosts the aging voxel-based PyroCluster* system, a former standard tool for a variety of volumetric effects.

In addition to those mentioned, there are other techniques that are more straightforward, but which you might not think of initially: using only onboard tools rather than the approaches mentioned above. Due to their complexity, we will deal with them in two parts. Part 1: The Magic of Visible Lights will cover creating clouds, fog and nebulae and Part 2: Erupting Plasma and Sliced Clouds will address solar flares and puffy clouds.

More to: https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/surprising-volumetric-effects-in-cinema-4d-part-1-the-magic-of-visible-lights?fbclid=IwAR2Z7LmjTWwl6LPEgosQWsvToMEV9wlJUsljtjv_S0t2oesLWd0HEYjXjJU