3DRnB Corona Fabric Shaders for C4D

3DRnB Corona Fabric Shaders for C4D

It took months of non stop hard work, but we finally made it and it is here, we are proud to release our first product for Corona Renderer for C4D! 

Every material we made has been carefully crafted, starting with a proper data acquisition from real world samples to see how materials behave in real life and in different conditions, then trying to reproduce all the shading properties with great accuracy.

The result is a collection of over 600 high end fabric shaders accurately tested to be production proven, featuring high resolution textures (diffuse, specular, bump, normal, displacement, alpha map, from 3K up to 8K), chromatic variations of the same shader to quickly choose the one you need without tuning the color, all of that in a practical .lib4d file for the Content Browser in order to find easily what you are looking for.
You will find every detail including videos about setup and use on:


For more shaders preview follow this topic on C4Dzone:


This is only our first product for Corona Renderer and we are already working on more great assets, so stay tuned!

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19 July 2022, 15:43:13

Merci beaucoup!