ShaderBalls Set

ShaderBalls Set

€ 19,90


This set provides you 8 different Octane Render scenes to test your own new materials. When working to a new project, you can create new materials, save them in these files and use them as a library for next projects.

A basic Octane Render scene, made by 2 lights (main and secondary) and an HDR (only reflections), allows good render speed. The lighting system strenght has been chosen by creating a white material (at 90% white) and setting the lights and camera just under the burning point, so a 100% white material will look over exposed. This is due to the fact that materials haven't to be 100% white, which doesn't exist in reality, and it also makes bad contrastes of Gl/shadows generation. You can use the library materials dragging one of them into the material group called «test material» keeping pressed «Ctrl» button (I't means that it will be copied from the library and not moved), then overwrite the test material dragging the copied material over the old test material keeping pressed «Alt» button (it means that the old material will be overwritten).

-These scenes are not meant to provide you a full library of materials, by the way some samples materials (all you can see in this pdf) come with them. Material libraries will come in future, concerning architecture, product design, automotive. Please do not touch geometry and environment, the scenes are studied to give the maximum realism possible, and geometry is developed for specific purposes, camera settings are deeply studied as well.

Cinema4D and system requirements:
- Octane Render release 3.08 or greater
- Cinema4D release R18 or greater
- OSX Snow Leopard or greater
- Windows 7 32/64 bit or greater