Fold It 1.0

Fold It 1.0

€ 19,00 + vat


Fold It is a Cinema 4D plugin that help users to fold polygonal sheets and create quickly folding/unfolding and pop up effects.
You can enjoy yourselves to create popup effects, fold and unfold objects etc etc.
It is a very useful tool for those who make motion graphics or who need to animate quickly and in a nice way the packaging of some boxes of products.
For proper operation of the plugin and the automatic weighing of the joints do not cross fold edges

- Imagine you want to fold a paper sheet
- Take a polygonal sheet and place it on the plane XZ
- With the knife tool or other modeling tools engrave the sheet in such a way as to obtain the polygon's edges in correspondence of the folds of the paper
- select the edges to fold and the polygonal area that you have to fold
- call the Add Fold tool, an arrow indicating the direction of the fold will be created
- set the proper size of the arrow and arrange it according to the desired orientation for folding sheet
- repeat this process for all the folds you want to obtain
- according to the priority of folding adjust the fold object hierarchy
- select the polygonal sheet and call the make joint command, the arrows will be made invisible for any future changes and in their place a joint skeleton will be generated already rigged and weighed ready to be animated using the appropriate controller created by default

This plugin will be activated based on your hardware configuration, OS and C4D release. There is not connection between the plugin and Cinema4D serials.

Cinema4D and system requirements:
- Cinema4D release R13 or greater
- OSX Snow Leopard or greater
- Windows 7 32/64 bit or greater