SplineTricity 1.0

SplineTricity 1.0

€ 9,00


Splinetricity is a Cinema 4D TAG plugin developed in order to help users to create and animate electric special effects like electric shocks, bolts, plasma spheres, voltaic arcs etc.
It is very simple to use splinetricity: draw a linear spline on your scene, put the Tag Splinetricity on the spline, set the tag properties and choose one object as positive charge and one object as negative charge for the electric shock.
Press animation play button and the spline starts to move automatically drawing a voltaic arc beetween the center of the two selected charge objects.
You can set with the volts parameter the intensity of the electric shock and if you choose poly objects as positive or negative charge you can set also the tracking vertex for the spline. By doing it you can combine many electric splines together in order to improve reality and make incredible effects like plasma spheres or fantasy characters that shoot electric bolt from the hands like in the videogames Thanks to splinetricity the only limit is your fantasy!

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