Newbie: randomly color changing faces of a polygon

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Re: Newbie: randomly color changing faces of a polygon

Messaggio da cappellaiomatto » ven set 14, 2012 8:26 pm

metekutlu ha scritto:I just saw the courses, it's great. As for my question, I wanted to animate the edges of the faces. For example, edge lines being drawn from the center of the object or a line(s) moving on the edges. I can do it in after effects but if it's possible in c4d it would be much proper.
Edges in cinema are not supported as well....Infact they did not exists in the object structure...they are handles by the gui for the user only, but internal exist only points and polygons

If you want to move the edges you have to move the vertices attached to the edge with point object in xpresso.....I suppouse it is much better to use after effects if you already know it.

I saw your scene file.....the structure is logically ok but is not optimized and very very huge.....learn how to use link list and can delete all your groups and make structure more flexible and very compact.

I post and example file for a multiple delayed sweep animation effect in this topic.
the topic is italian but you can download the file, xpresso is fortunately universal language

:P ... =0#p146717

Enjoy yourself with xpresso

It's very very very funny


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