Plug-in Updates

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Plug-in Updates

Messaggio da njt0001 »

I would like to announce the release of two new plug-ins the Walk Cycle Producer (WCP) and FileLock, as well as updates to the Harvester and Auto Inline Tangents (AIT) plug-ins to support R13. We have also added the option to purchase a WCP, Harvester, and AIT as a combo pack. For details on the combo pack visit the link below:

Walk Cycle Producer
This plug-in allows you to create walk cycles for a given (biped or quadruped) rig. The walk cycles can be saved and shared between other rigs and other versions of C4D.
• Biped and quadruped supported
• Turn off any appendage
• Walk in place or on a path
• Controls for walk speed and frame rate
• Display an optional artificial floor
• Controls for movement and rotation
• Show/hide IK controller objects
• Import/Export to earlier versions of C4D
• Specify the number of iterations to loop
• Create presets and load them for a single or all parts
• Presets work on other characters
• Reset to default values or preset values
• Included are presets to use as a starting point
• Record keys for a given range in time
• Set first/last key interpolation to blend with existing animation
• Access hand/foot user data controls
• Access CD IK Hand controls on the feet or hands
For more information go to:

The FileLock plug-in allows you to share a C4D file while still protecting your design data. When a file is locked it will hide the locked contents in the object manager. This allows colleagues, partners, and customers to view your work without the worry of sharing your design details.

• Provides an additional layer of security to your C4D scene.
• Prevents locked objects from being scene in the object manager.
• Limits access to the object manager attributes for hidden items.
• Generates passwords for clients and one for owners.
• Allows clients to add content and manipulate the locked file.

For more information go to:

For updates to the Harvester and AIT plug-ins go to:

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Re: Plug-in Updates

Messaggio da masterzone »

thanks for your link, remember that C4Dzone plugins is a developing plugin dedicated area only, so if you purchased our plugin this area si right for you but if you want to annunce something else or give to the community links and resurces the forum "links and resources" is the right place to post.


I moved the topic into right area

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