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» » » Mineral reign (coupon inside)

Mineral reign (coupon inside)

30 March 2018

Mineral reign (coupon inside)

This collection contains :

- 340 tileable textures ranging from 2k to 5k (most are about 4k)
with Diffuse, Specular, Roughness, Bump, Displacement and Normal maps.
- Mineral Reign Octane Ready.c4d file materials set for Cinema4D Octane.
- Orbx files with materials settings for Octane standalone, to be used with any Octane plugin in 3ds max, maya, Blender, Houdini, Daz Studio, Modo, Sketchup, etc… (if you are not an octane user you won't need these files).

These textures can also be used with Vray, Arnold, Redshift, Mental Ray, or any other renderer and any 3D application, by simply loading the maps into the desired channels.

I handcrafted each of these textures maps from photographs of the real thing to obtain the desired effects.
Pictures where taken in Natural History Museums of Europe (Paris, London, and Bruxelles) and during trips in various countries.
They were shot in natural light with a Nikon D7100,
and lenses such as the nikor 180mm 2.8, a Nikor 60mm 2.8, a Nikor 80 mm 1.4 and a nikor 16-80mm.
Due to the size of some minerals, some occasional distance blur may still be visible in some of the maps, but it will not affect the look of the final material in the renders you can see in the previews
All the textures are in tiff format to preserve as much of the original photo quality as possible with no destructiv compression.

The preview images in the preview folder have been rendered with c4d octane.

You may use the textures provided in this package in your renders for comercial or personnal work ,
but you cannot resale any of the shaders or textures individualy nor include any of the shaders or textures in other packages for sale.

10% discount to all C4Dzone.com members by using "c4dzone"
as a promotional code for the April month!

For purchase go to: https://gumroad.com/l/mineralreignfull

Below you can take sneak preview of the packaging but if you want to see the full collection go to Behance author page at:



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