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» » » Place Object 1.0 plugin

Place Object 1.0 plugin

7 December 2012

Place Object 1.0 plugin


Place Object is a Cinema 4D plugin developed in order to help user to place model objects within your scenes, this tool is absolutely suitable for interior and exterior architectural use and will save you a lot of time.

The plugin works with all editions of Cinema 4D R13/14 (Prime, Broadcast, Visualize, Studio) and with all cinema 4D compatible engine renderers (V-Ray etc).

The plugin's working principle is very simple:

1) Select the object on which you want to place the objects, for example a room.
2) Call the Place Object Tool.
3) Drag and Drop the object to move (chair, table, lamp, etc etc) within the plugin attribute window.
4) Select object destination: floor, wall, ceiling.
5) Click on the point where you want to place the object and that’s it.

No longer will you have to go crazy with the visual and positioning tools of cinema, to furnish a room will be a piece of cake!

The plugin also has got a special mode to position the Area lights, Spot lights and IES lights.

Available now on C4Dzone shopping area at 15.00 euros + VAT

Developed by Matteo Porchedda from C4Dzone staff.


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Details 4 user comments, 0 still waiting.

  1. Comment by: robotnik on date: 16.12.2012 15:45:31


    I bought this plug-in hoping that it was as fast as you said and showed in your video. But it isn't you have to edit the axis center to place it on the base of you object, will there be an update that will resolve that, because without that it's not so useful as you can see on the video.
    Bad marketing unfortunately :-( because the video doesn't show that..

    Really disappointed..

  2. Comment by: cappellaiomatto on date: 17.12.2012 15:01:13

    Hi, I'm sorry for your disappoint, but it's a good practice after modelling to adjust axis of your model and place them on the correct point.
    If you buy or sell a model on a store it's one of the minimum quality requirements
    Also in cinema there is a function that do it for you with just 2 click called "Axis Center"

  3. Comment by: masterzone on date: 17.12.2012 21:54:57

    I personally registered the place object video demo and believe me I did it with objects with their Axis placed right to the object. On some parts you can see I've select object as a lamp and its axis are placed on top of it. All 3D softwares need to use the object axis to recognize the object coordinates and this plugin uses axis to do that.
    Place object plugin is a very useful tools because cinema can't do it , snap object to a random part of a poly area. I'm a 15 year cinema4D pro user and believe me this is a great tool ever.
    Into C4Dzone Team there are only professional and serious CG and softwares developer so we don't make marketing to sell only plugins for make moneys we working hard to give you low cost tools for speed up your jobs and we spend a lot of time to research and research.
    I hope you want to try again this plugin by place axis as described into the PDF manual and follow the cappellaiomatto tips, use center axis tool, three seconds and the axis can be placed up or down the object.

  4. Comment by: robotnik on date: 18.12.2012 00:40:47

    Ok near christmas another chance for this tool

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