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Obj Seq Importer + Blender Fluid

Category: VideoBlog | Date: 4 February 2013

Bring the power of Blender Fluid Dynamics within the simplicity of Cinema 4D. In this new video blog chapter we explain how to use Blender Fluid Dynamics and import them easily within Cinema 4D environment thanks to our new plugin ObjSequenceImporter

Cartoon Fresnel Shader Plugin

Category: News | Date: 29 January 2013

Cartoon Fresnel Shader is a shader for Cinema 4D developed in order to help user to create cartoon effects on the scene. This shader allows to mask fresnel effect with a gradient.

Poly Breaker 2

Category: VideoBlog | Date: 21 December 2012

C4Dzone is glad to announce the latest release of Poly Breaker. A new feature ghost selection and a video demo will teach you how to take the best from this plugin and dynamics module of Cinema.

C4Dzone plugin show reel

Category: VideoBlog | Date: 14 December 2012

Hello everybody, today we inaugurate a new section of the site: the VideoBlog!
In this section you will find video pills about our reviews, demos about cinema4d features, pills dedicated to our plugins and much more.....

Spline Wrapper plugin

Category: News | Date: 21 July 2012

Spline Wrapper is a cinema 4D plugin dedicated to spline object, with this tool you can quickly create some impressive special effects. Wrapping your objects with splines could not be easier than this.

TuileGenerator is back!

Category: News | Date: 16 May 2012

C4Dzone staff makes available the purchase of the new TuileGenerator! A plugin for Cinema 4D with which you can generate the tiles for your roof just with a simple click.Based on historical but old plugin known by many users, TuileGenerator is back!

Plan Surface Selector

Category: News | Date: 8 May 2012

C4Dzone staff makes available for free the download of a plugin for the rapid selection of polygons with the same direction. It's very useful together with TuileGenerator plugin for tiles generating

Edit-Optimize: A Free C4D Script

Category: News | Date: 3 April 2012

Marc Pearson of Footprint-productions.com and I have teamed up to create a free Cinema 4D script for you guys! The script takes the process of making a cloner or motext etc. into a single polyginal object a one click process and takes all the manual work ...

Cinema 4D Text Edge FX Tutorial

Category: News | Date: 26 March 2012

If you haven’t got Text Edge FX yet, then what’re you waiting for? You can get sexy bevels like these in literally a few clicks of your mouse!

Turbolence FD plugin

Category: News | Date: 14 March 2012

TurbulenceFD's simulation pipeline implements a voxel-based solver based on the incompressible Navier Stokes equations. That means it uses a voxel grid to describe the volumetric clouds of smoke and fire and solves the equations that describe the mot...

Magic Puzzle plugin

Category: News | Date: 6 March 2012

Magic puzzle is a free plugin that allows users to create parametric 3D puzzles out of images, that can be used along mograph or other Cinema 4D tools. The user has control over the pieces’ number as well as their shape.

SurfaceSPREAD Plugin

Category: News | Date: 30 July 2009

Surfacing random generation plugin for Cinema4D. This plugin give you the possibility to place objects, rock, plants according to perfect geological rules, so you can make trees duplications on landscape.

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